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Gudrun Widmann Emotionsfokussierte Paartherapie gudrun widmann paartherapie couple couples

Welcome in my practice for emotionally focused couple therapy

Welcome: Willkommen
emotionally focused couple therapy online berlin emotionsfokussierte paartherapie gudrun w

A psychologist specialised in couple therapy

I offer couple therapeutic sessions:

● In English, German, and French

● In person in my practice in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

Griebenowstraße 10-11, 10435 Berlin

● Online via videocall

● During the openings times:

Monday - Saturday

9:00 - 21:00

Welcome: Über mich

For couples going through a hard time

I offer my services to couples who are having some difficulties, want to work through some conflicts and reconnect emotionally. These couples might want to come to therapy on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in a more intense manner. Some couples need urgent support in a crisis situation (discovery of adultery, an emotional wound that has accidentally happened, a breaking point has been reached) or are having repeated fights that are hard to work through, or persistent difficulties with intimacy. I want to help you understand those difficulties, overcome challenges, deescalate, learn to repair, reconnect in the safest environment, find that safe emotional bond between the two of you, learn to nourish and deepen this bond.

emotionally focused couple therapy online berlin paartherapie gudrun widmann
emotionally focused couple therapy online berlin emotionsfokussierte paartherapie gudrun w

For couples who want to deepen or strengthen their connection

I also offer my services to couples who simply want to deepen their emotional connection. Some couples want to get married, take the next step, start their relationship in the healthiest way possible or simply want to make the most out of their emotional connection after having been married for a long time - you can come to therapy on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, even yearly basis, or as needed in order to provide your relationship with the best chance to develop in a deep and safely connected way. I will make your emotional patterns obvious to you, help you connect over things that you might have not seen yourself, help you deepen your connection and make it more secure. Take risks in a safe way and nourish your emotional bond, learn to dance even better with one another emotionally.

I work with all sorts of couples: traditional, monogamous, families, queer and lgbtqia+, polyamorous and open relationships, spiritual and different religions.

Welcome: Services

How does all this work?

Write an initial email to me:

We will plan a free introductory consultation of 30 minutes so that you can get to know me, ask questions, I can give you an idea of how emotionally focused couple therapy might look like for you. We can discuss plans that might be appropriate for your situation. Many couples want to combine these 30 minutes with a full session of 90 minutes.

In a first session, I will very quickly guide you into an emotionally focused session and you will very quickly feel how it feels and works.

Most couples decide on having an initial intensive phase of weekly or bi-weekly sessions in order to either deescalate and/or deepen their emotional connection. Some couples then reduce the frequency of sessions or graduate their couple therapeutic process. Some couples only do one or a few sessions. I offer yearly ''upkeep sessions'' for couples I have had intensive therapies with and also prioritise ''old'' couples who want to refresh things (for instance when they enter a new phase of life such as deciding to have children). 

Some couples come for advice, or for separation processes. I adjust to the need of the couple in front of me.

For more information on emotionally focused couple therapy (EFCT) specifcially: click here.

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emotionally focsed couple therapy online berlin paartherapie emotionsfokussiert gudrun wid

Contact for Appointments and Questions:

Danke für's Absenden!


Praxis am Zionskirchplatz, Griebenowstraße 10-11, 10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

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