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Gudrun Widmann

A clinical psychologist specialized in emotionally focused couple therapist


So many couples live below their happiness potential. What I find so gratifying about my work as a couple therapist is that I can help couples achieve their true potential. Emotionally focused couple therapy provides me with the structure and the tools that help me effectively guide couples on this journey toward long-lasting changes and a new understanding of love and their relationship. 

I am a clinical psychologist specialising in couple therapy. Having an area of expertise and working in a research-based area was a conscious decision for me. For more information on the research basis of emotionally focused therapy see EFT Research Literature.

I offer therapy for couples in English, German as well as French at Couple Therapy Berlin (For my German website visit

About Me: Über mich


EFT Training

I received my training as an emotionally focused couple therapy (EFT Externship, EFT Core Skills Training, EFT Supervision) according to the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

My supervisors and trainers:

Yolanda von Hockauf (M.Ed., RMFT)

Prof. Dr. Paul Greenman (psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor)

Matthias Angelstorf (clinical psychologist, trainer, supervisor)

Angelika Matthias (psychotherapist, supervisor)

Rika Kliever (psychologist, supervisor)

I continue to take regular supervision and further training to ensure the quality of my work.

​HP Psychotherapy

I obtained my Erlaubnis zur berufsmäßigen Ausübung der Heilkunde ohne Bestallung beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie [authorization to practice] from the Bezirksamt Lichtenberg of Berlin.

Clinical Psychology

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Universiteit Leiden (Netherlands)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Clinical Psychology from the University of Kent (United Kingdom)

About Me: Über mich

Practice Team

I have been working in this practice with my lovely colleagues since 2018. Visit our practice website here

Couple Therapy Berlin
Matthias Angelstorf Paartherapie Berlin .jpg
Vito Manduano Psychotherapie Paartherapie Berlin.png

Alessandra Weber

philosophist & emotionally focused couple therapist

German & Italian

Matthias Angelstorf

psychologist, trainer, supervisor, emotionally focused couple therapist

German, English & Dutch

Vito Manduano

psychotherapist & emotionally focused couple therapist

German & Italian

Rika Kliever

psychologist, emotionally focused couple therapist, supervisor

German & English

About Me: Kundenbewertungen
International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy
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EFT School of Love
About Me: Kunden
About Me: Kundenbewertungen
Gudrun Widmann Psychologin Paartherapeutin

For appointments and questions, feel free to write to 

Gudrun Widmann, M.Sc. clin. psychologist & couple therapist

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